Aug. 27th, 2014

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 Ha ha, holy shit. 

I had a helluva misadventure getting to Cancun, was stranded in Denver for two days, ended up coming back to Phoenix, and gah, just crazytimes. DFW is now my favorite airport, for reasons both sentimental and utilitarian -- it's a sprawling, shiny airport, well-stocked with businesses and things to waste time on, also they have "recharge" rooms which are basically nap rooms with big comfy chairs and plugs to charge your whatnot in. That was the most satisfying sleep I had gotten in about four days, let me tell you. 

Um. Emotionally complicated feelings about family endure. Mother continues to have harmful beliefs/biases about women, despite herself. Beliefs that make me feel like I don't belong in this family, or any conventional family, ever.

Xcaret is AMAZING. I want to go back there. I want to go back there with Lucas and kiss him in the dark river caves while the macaws cry out overhead, out of sight. I want to show him the little schools of fishies that gather around if you're quiet. I want to see his little laugh when he sees the cute animals; the flamingos, the jellyfish, the crocodiles, the many sea turtles. The Mexican national story musical was incredible, mindblowing. 

I got a silver bracelet that I wanted less than a calavera, but the guy was so persistent in his belief that I was examining the jewelry, not the painted skulls, so I went with it while my mom talked shop about gems and metals, because she's a sucker for the earth's riches.

I met Michael Jackson (a busker). 

I spent a morning with a one legged bearded youth with a stutter who my little sister is probably in love with. He almost gave me $100 because he doesn't know any better, but he was kind and helpful. 

I met a man who died 5 times. 

The hotel in Denver I was stranded at had an atheist convention. I think the cute concierge might have scammed me out of $40, though. 

I've basically decided I'mma sit down and write a novel about the whole thing soon. 

Aaah, but it's hard to decide how much I want to reveal in the novel, about myself, about my issues, and such. I'll probably do the 8 hour ebook challenge for it, once I have a few dollars to spend on cover art. 

For now, I'm trying to earn a little more money before the month closes. 


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