Jul. 26th, 2014

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So, I've spent all day doing various online things for money, pretty much for at least 15 hours, and I'm still working on it, but now my head is finally slowed down enough to actually write intelligently, rather than incentive-ly focused and friendly.


So, I met this cool non-binary genderqueer (masculine-ish) person on one of those sites, and they linked me to another site where you can post/chat/generally exist in communities to earn points for socializing. Eh. Why not. Maybe I will meet some cool people, and if not, I need more practice producing streams of content. It wouldn't hurt, I thought.

Since the site is really new, there's a lot of communities and content that are missing. So, given that I was introduced to the site by a queer person, I wondered how many other queer online workers there are, so I made a community. It's not really got many members yet, but it'd be cool if it did.

The site is still small enough that the owner responds personally to anyone who needs help or has problems with the site's functioning. I asked him a technical question, but later on, he responded to that email chain with the following:

stay clear of sexuality and sexual orientation

and honestly, I'm so tired, and this actually makes me want to cry a little.

I just want to find other people in the same boat as me. Other queers trying to get by, other queers trying to work from home, avoiding the cubicle, other queers existing everywhere... the work at home market is dominated by straight white married stay at home moms. And this kid I met, he's working from home because he's depressed, like me, and I was inspired and happy to meet him, happy to know I'm not the only sad queer trying to survive. 

I tried to write for this one site that was basically a glorified Yahoo!Answers, a  few months ago, but Google AdSense rejected me. I realized that it was because too many of the things I responded to, too much of my expertise, had words like "gay" and "sex" in it. I honestly didn't respond to anything that wouldn't be printed in a magazine or an advice column... but that was hours of work straight down the shitter, as you couldn't apply for AdSense until you'd made a certain number of quality posts. 

I know this isn't really major discrimination or anything, it's just basic capitalism. Gotta look appropriate so sponsors can feel safe supporting you. Yet, let's be so exacting here, there are two pages of results when I search for the word "fuck" and only nine results when I search for "lesbian." We all know which word is obscene and which isn't, and yet we also know which word is less forgivable to sponsors. Ugh. 

I want to look up sexuality blogs, and see who sponsors them. If it fills me with so much hope to see fellow sad, poor queers trying to survive this way, I imagine it'd probably help others too. 

Oh, motherfuck... he set the security level of my group from public to hidden, so it won't show up in searches. This makes me want to cry even more, because now those hypothetical others won't be able to find each other, we won't be able to group together and unite and support each other... I am actually crying a little now. I'm not usually this sensitive, I rarely cry, about anything at all. What the hell. 

Well. At least this gives me an idea for a niche blog...

Still, I just feel so disheartened. I can play by the rules just fine, but being impaired from finding community really hurts. sigh. I'll keep working and writing, I'll get somewhere with this, I swear.

[I promise this won't become a business blog. Sorry.]


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