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I got a cute knife and cutting board in the mail, and the knife has a pink handle and a pink sheath, and I can't help but think of Rose Quartz. Some part of me wants to keep it around me all the time, but it's just a paring knife and it would be happier in my kitchen.

Nonetheless, I have to admit I had a cute little fantasy of Rose Quartz carrying a pink knife, ready to shank the bad guys. So, I've been drawing today...

(drawing to try to remember... I remember... but it is strange, that the lines i have practiced for years feel rusty and distant, so I must close the gap)

I drew a sea witchy Lapis with a crown-of-thorns-starfish on her head, seaweed on her, waves crashing up through her skirt, and the chain that held her, broken. It's not done yet, but it felt nice to have -an idea,- to be inspired. 

I also decided I'd draw street punk Rose Quartz, with that cute knife-o-mine, and somehow an expropriated police riot shield ended up in the drawing, she's wielding it in the other arm, and above "POLICE" it has scribbled on "fuck the police" and there are probably tattered rose stickers on it and stars. I want to draw Pearl behind her, with a baseball bat, but for fucks sake, drawing is hard. I'm finding this difficult on a few levels 1) I'm trying to use a style unfamiliar to me -- more cartoony and less bishoujo and 2) poses, what the fuck. Also she's tall and I have no idea how long torsos work. 3) Also, she's big and chubbyful and I've never drawn that before. But whenever I look at her, I think she'd be so fun to draw because she's so cute and rounded. I dunno. I still wanna draw Pearl with her, or at least a Pearl to go with her, some other time. 

(How much of this is remembering, and how much of this is learning, or relearning parts of myself that I had only contextualized previously as subject to an external person...)
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