Feb. 26th, 2015

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I need to move next week. Staying in Phoenix still, but the place I'm currently in is going to be renovated and probably sold. It's more expensive for my mom to pay for this place than to pay months and months of rent somewhere else.

I'm freaking out a little, because I want to stay near my clinic, I like my neighborhood, but it's an expensive place to live. However, I ...

I realize that emotionally I don't live here any more. I don't want to be here. So maybe I should just let go of the idea of this neighborhood. I like the bars. My pharmacy is in walking distance. I'm close to my psych clinic; those are the things that matter, but maybe I should adapt. Maybe the disruption in scenery will help me somehow. I thought about maybe moving up near where Katie lives so I could hang out with her more. I think the area she lives is boring as hell, though. Maybe that is good. 

Honestly, the thing is, what's been making me happiest for a while is going grocery shopping at the Trader Joes, riding my bike there, feeling the fresh air and buying lovely foods. So, should I prioritize staying around there, then?  

The other thing is, high speed internet is a necessity. Or maybe it isn't. I don't know. Yes I do, you need at least 20 Mbps to do anything decent. I still have a really good deal with my current ISP, so that's also become a constraint. 

Actually, a thought occurs to me, perhaps I could move in the area surrounding the Mexican grocery store. Less high end stuff, but the produce is better priced than anywhere else, and cheap, and often locally sourced. Hmm. I can consider that. 

Lucas is coming next weekend to do paperwork type things. I'm supposed to go on a cute date with Katie this weekend but I'm dirt broke. My ex, Steve, is performing in town on Monday/Tuesday, so I want to go and pester him and watch his show. Not in that order. I have a bill to pay by the 27th, so I'm worried I should cancel the date. ugh.

Oh and my plumbing is broke. I'm having some gross problem where water is backing up into my kitchen sinks. I tried cleaning the p-trap and such, and they're actually pristine. The problem is somewhere else. 

oh yeah I need to work like another 65 more hours. 

I'm not depressed. I'm annoyed. It's not a bad annoyance, it's more miffed? I feel fine as a person and such. Just. As horse_ebooks said, "everything happens so much." 


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